Seed treaters for sale

Specifically designed to maximise the return of seed applied products

Seed treaters are a vital piece of farming equipment for seed dealers, seed companies and growers. They allow you to efficiently apply chemicals to your seeds when and where it suits you and your operation.

Once properly set up and configured, they are easy to operate. All that needs to be done is to load your untreated seed onto the treater with a forklift, turn on your auger or conveyor, then watch your seed flow up and out.

High quality seed treater models ensure consistent seed coverage and minimal damage to the seed. Some can even apply two different seed treatments simultaneously, quickly and very accurately.

As a family owned business operating for more than 35 years, Westfield Augers (Australia) knows what to look for when sourcing innovative, ergonomic and durable farming equipment, including seed treaters.

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