Storm Pro Seed Treater

Available Soon! 

STORM PRO Seed Treater

Available Soon!

Precise. Portable. Professional.

The speed, accuracy and flexibility of the STORM PRO seed treater provides the ultimate seed treating solution for your operation.

Industry leading speed and capacity propels your business to the next level, allowing true just-in-time treating.

The STORM PRO is a completely self-contained, turn-key seed treater that uses an auto-calibration system and is safe enough to use on all seed types, including soybean, pulse and cereals. This seed treater offers the versatility of treating seed when you need it, where you need and can be controlled by the easy-to-use touchscreen controls or by phone or tablet. It also meets the new industry requirements for commercial application.

Unlike other seed treaters, STORM PRO accurately measures untreated seed directly from the bin, precisely meters and applies the seed treatment, gently mixes the seed for consistent, even coverage and then transfers the treated seed into the truck, ready to be planted in the field.

The simplified process provided by the STORM PRO reduces user exposure, making in-the-yard seed treating safe, simple and convenient, while giving you total control over the seed treating process.

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STORM PRO Seed Treater Features

Engineered for High Treating Speeds

The fastest seed treater on the market, capable of treating at speeds of 2,700 lbs/min (1.22 tonnes/min)

Developed for Gentle Handling and Easy Clean Out

Reversible hydraulically powered mixer that utilises poly-cupped flighting and a boot that is designed to provide consistent application and reduce build-up.

Designed to be Accurate and Easy to Use

Patent pending auto-calibration features a simplified control system that automatically walks the user through the calibration process.

Designed with the Ultimate in Flexibility

Fully self-powered and does not need an external power source.

Equipped with Technology

Use the on-board HMI screen or connect your phone or tablet to the onboard wireless network to operate the system through your device.

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The STORM PRO Seed Treater will be available for purchase soon. For more information, simply click here to get in touch with Westfield Augers or fill out the form on this page.