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About Us – Westfield Augers (Australia)

Our Values

“Trust is paramount in any business transaction and we have established ourselves in the grain handling market with this value as our priority.

Buyers of our equipment trust the product and trust the company with whom they do business.

Many of our customers come back to us over the years after they have acquired additional properties or have evolved their farming approach and it is with a great sense of pride that we meet their changing grain handling and storage needs.”

– Managing Director, Roland Schmelzer
Westfield Augers (Australia)

Our History

In 1983, Westfield Augers (Australia) Pty Ltd, recognised the need for a quality, reliable, safe and high capacity auger for use on the family grain property. It was from this need that the now familiar bright yellow and red Westfield grain auger has become known as the leading grain auger used and trusted by Australian farmers to get the job done.

Westfield Augers (Australia) has built its reputation on expert sales advice, quality product and excellence in after sales support and part supply. More recently an additional grain handling range was added to the Westfield stable. Westfield conveyors represents in the market of conveyors the same quality and value for money that our grain augers do. To expand our agriculture equipment business to incorporate this world leading conveyor line seemed a natural fit and meets a need in the Australian market.

Roland Schmelzer’s strong grain cropping background has given him the insight that only a farmer can have of the long term benefits of buying quality. This first-hand experience has resulted in Westfield Augers (Australia) specialising in the distribution of quality grain handling equipment. After all, quality is only determined over the long run and with more than 35 years in the business, Westfield Augers Australia’s products stand the test of time.

Our Services

Westfield Augers (Australia) understands the need for timely/prompt parts and service backup. Our staff are all from farming backgrounds so they know that delays can cost farms dearly. Westfield Augers (Australia) offers a large range of new inventory, parts and accessories and are all in stock. They also ensure fast dispatch of spare parts and flatpack and assembled machines.

Westfield Augers (Australia’s) expert support and technician team offer decades of knowledge and daily experience in the Australian market. They are experts in the range, application and maintenance of this agriculture equipment and can help you to ensure you get the most out of your auger or conveyor for years to come.

Westfield Augers (Australia) takes pride in quality assemblage, something many people neglect, and can provide you with the expert advice you need to get the right piece of equipment for your farm’s needs.

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About – Westfield Augers (International)

Westfield is the leading auger manufacturer in the world for superior grain handling equipment.

It was in 1950 that Abraham Plett bought a grain auger to resell to a customer and when the auger collapsed under load, he took the opportunity to design a better undercarriage. Shortly after the manufacturer refused to incorporate his design improvements, Abraham decided to build a better grain auger himself.

Abraham sold his first two augers in 1951, choosing the name Westfield along with the now familiar bright yellow color, reminiscent of fields of golden prairie wheat. In 1965, he turned control over to his sons.

In 1968, a brand new 8400 square foot factory was completed in Rosenort, Manitoba. A redesigned grain auger and expanded model line-up were introduced. Sales grew locally and then into the US and overseas.

On May 15th, 2000, AGI acquired Westfield Industries.

An addition in October 2010 increased Westfield’s manufacturing facilities to 150,000 square feet, where Westfield’s now 200 employees produce a comprehensive line of portable grain augers.

For over 60 years, Westfield has, and continues to have, a commitment to farm proven designs and innovation. As a result Westfield has earned a solid reputation for superior augers, auger accessories and their range of durable conveyors.

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