Equipment Safety


We are committed to the distribution of high quality and safe agriculture equipment. You’ll be happy to know that all augers purchased through Westfield Augers (Australia), or one of our accredited dealers, will have the mobile auger intake guarded to the Australian Industry Safety Standard.

We encourage safe use of all farm machinery. This can be done by ensuring you read and understand the user manuals supplied with all equipment, pay attention to the safety decals on the machinery and make use of the safety features.

Safe use of the machinery also assists in getting the most life out of your equipment, so if you play it safe everybody wins.

If after having read the safety instructions, something is still not clear, call an expert and we will help you out.

Some photos in advertising or on the website may display the product without safety shields in place so that you can see the core product. When in operation safety shields must always be in place and must not be modified. Ensure you are only using the farm equipment as it was intended to be used and read the product manual before using.

Safety is everybody’s responsibility so remember:

  • Read and understand the operators manual
  • Use safe operating practices.
  • Do not operate the auger unless all shields are in place and are in good working order.
  • Follow the equipment’s safety signs and ensure they are kept in good condition so they are always visible.
  • If unsure, call an expert.

If you believe your equipment is unsafe or requires maintenance, please get in touch with the Westfield Augers (Australia) team immediately by clicking here or calling 1300 937 834

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