Grain Augers

Westfield Augers (Australia) has been Australia’s leading grain auger distributor since 1983

Grain Augers

Built tough and engineered to last for your farm

Westfield Augers (International) is the largest grain auger manufacturer in the world and has built a reputation on reliability, performance and support. Operating since 1951, their augers offer a long service life and high resale value. Westfield Augers (Australia) has been the number 1 trusted Australian distributor for Westfield products since 1983. 

Whether you’re farming wheat, barley, corn, sorghum or any other type of grain, you can be confident a Westfield auger will withstand the rigors of any harvest. They’re built tough, easy to use, have high capacity and are engineered from the ground up so you can get on with the job. Each auger is designed to handle a broad range of grain quality and moisture content to ensure your grain flows smoothly.

All Westfield grain augers are high capacity and the highest capacity auger capable of up to 630 tonnes per hour. There is a wide range of diameters available, from 4 inch pencil augers through to the largest 16 inch augers. In length, the range includes augers up to 125 feet (38 meters).

To meet the needs of any farmer, Westfield augers are available as engine powered, electric and Power Take Off (PTO). Westfield also specialises in self-propelled augers featuring fingertip controls for easy steering and positioning. It means you’ll get the job done quickly and safely, without the heavy lifting that makes your day on the farm harder than it needs to be.

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Hard-wearing features for increased grain auger longevity

At Westfield Augers (Australia), we’re often asked: “What’s so special about your augers?”

Well, with so many years of experience under our belts, we’ve learned that farmers want affordable, simple, straightforward designs for labour saving performance and dependability.

The following features have been incorporated into auger designs to ensure you will have a longer lasting auger and ultimately provide real value for your investment.


Extra heavy flighting

Made from heavy gauge steel, the flighting in Westfield grain augers is designed to be highly durable.

An extra layer of steel is welded to the edges on critical wear points such as the hopper, the intake boot and the swing tube flight. As a result, the flighting lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often – saving you time and money. When the time does come, the wear edges can be easily replaced without having to replace the entire flighting.



All Westfield grain augers use an A-Frame support for greater stability. In comparison to scissor lift systems, A-Frames give excellent support in all positions including transportation, positioning and operation. When hydraulically raised, the lift arms quickly tuck away so you can reach the largest silos. When lowered for transport, the upper arm of the A-Frame undercarriage slides forward to support the discharge end of the auger, which is an important feature for transportation.


Superior tubing

A well-made auger should be as smooth internally as possible to reduce grain damage and resistance to flow. Over the years, Westield auger designs have been refined to include one seam along the top of the tube. In comparison to spiral welding, the single seam on the tubing allows for gentler handling of grain and contributes to a longer auger life.


Steel trussing

To ensure additional longevity, steel trussing rather than cables is used on the range of larger augers of 84 feet (25.6 meters) and up. The steel trussing provides superior support along the auger tube for rigid alignment with practically no sag under load. Keeping everything aligned and true in this way means significantly reducing wear and greatly increasing the performance life of your auger.


Thrust adjusters

To make the larger grain augers even more robust, thrust adjusters are used on the bearings of the MKX100, MKX130 and MKX160 series augers. These thrust adjusters work to transfer loads across both the top and bottom bearings during operation.  This helps to extend the life of the lower boot bearing as well as extend the overall life of your auger.


Stock availability

At Westfield Augers (Australia), we always have a wide range of inventory in stock with generally all auger sizes, both big and small, ready for immediate dispatch.


We have the grain auger spare parts you need, when you need them

There’s nothing more frustrating than investing in a valuable piece of farming equipment and then being unable to source spare parts when something needs repairing or replacing — especially if there is a problem at harvest time when the pressure is on.

We pride ourselves on always having a full range of spare parts in stock for all our new and older model grain augers. So we’ll always be here to help you get back up and running again.

This makes us the easy, one stop shop for all your auger needs.


Want to learn more about making your next harvest hassle-free?

For expert advice on which grain auger or auger accessory is best suited to the needs of your farm, click here to get in touch with Westfield Augers (Australia). 

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