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Customise your auger

Westfield Augers (International) has developed and refined the best grain augers available. To make your job even easier, we proudly offer a full lineup of options and accessories so you can customise your auger anyway you want.

We stock a range of accessories and options including bristle flighting, swivel arc kits, hydraulic winch, flex spout, and power auger swing.

MKX-Tend Retracting Swing Auger

Westfield’s retracting swing auger offers the convenience of being able to extend, swing side-to-side and retract, without having to move or reposition the truck. The X-Tend was designed to work with the MKX 130. It’s fast and convenient.

Click here to download our info sheet for the MKX-Tend.

Power Swing

The Westfield Power Swing is suitable for the MKX100, MKX130 and the MKX160. A Power Swing can be electric, remote controlled or hydraulic.

Hydraulic Hopper Winch

The hydraulic hopper winch allows the user to conveniently raise and lower the auger from the comfort of the tractor seat.


Standard or low profile hopper, electric remote or hydraulic swing hopper available, depending on model.

Hydraulic Swing-Hopper Mover

Fits low profile and regular swing hoppers. The hydraulic two-wheel drive keeps the hopper level. This option comes complete with universal flow controlled hydraulic valve, easy height adjustment and hydraulic hoses. This optional is available on the MKX100, MKX130 and MKX160 range.

Right Angle Drive

When working in a small space, the right angle drive allows the auger to be positioned at a 90 degree angle from the truck.

Speed Reducer-Reverser

Required for 1000RPM tractors to reduce the speed to 540RPM required for an auger. The reversing feature allows the flight direction to be reversed for quick and easy clean-out.


1000RPM speed reducer/reverser gearboxes and standard reversers. For the MKX range.

Reverser Kit

The optional reverser kit allows the flighting direction to be reversed for quick and easy clean-out, saving time when moving from one commodity to the next.

Right Angle Axles

The right-angle axles with tandem wheels are used for grain bunker filling for MKX130 range.

Steerable Axles

The steerable axles are also used for grain bunker filling for the MKX130 range.

PTO Drives

Built for the STX2 series the PTO Drive provides for smoother auger operation with less vibration. Optional on MKX130 plus models – allows operation with high horsepower tractors – reverser included.

1000 PTO Drive

Optional on MKX130 models. Allows operation with high horsepower tractors – reverser included.

EMD Drive

Available for all auger sizes. Standard double pulley belt drive.

MD Drive

Self leveling gas engine mount with adjustable belt tension arm for engaging and disengaging auger while motor is running.

WR/STX2 Intake Hopper

No need to deal with a Polly Hopper when you unload silos and trucks with the WR/STX2 Intake Hopper for the STX2 auger series. Reduce spillage and add capacity to your auger with the WR/STX2 Intake Hopper.

Bristle Flighting

Bristle cord is attached to the entire length of the flighting for gentle handling of grain legumes.

Flex Spout

Optional five-section bucket flex spout for gently directing grain and reducing spillage and wastage. These are available in polyethylene or galvanized steel.

Poly Hoppers

Poly hoppers are great for hassle free dumping with minimal wastage. Available in two shapes; the V for the smaller 8 inch augers and the round Polly Hoppers are for the larger 10 inch augers.

Want to make your next harvest hassle-free?

For expert advice on which auger accessory is best suited to your needs, simply use the form on this page to get in touch with Westfield Augers (Australia) or you can give us a call on 1300 937 834.



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