Introducing the X Series of Swing Away Augers

Featuring scissor lift frames for maximum reach and stability

Swing Away Augers

The New X Series

The X Series is the latest addition to Westfield’s line of swing away augers. With a precision engineered, commercial strength plus a scissor-lift frame and low profile hopper, the X Series offers unmatched serviceability and X-treme durability.

The scissor lift frames feature cross members to maximise reach and reduce swaying, keeping the auger in place once it has been positioned at the bin. Heavy-duty cable trussing is used on smaller models. However, for longer, heavier models, Westfield uses commercial strength steel trussing. Trussing acts like the backbone of the auger and keeps the tube and flighting aligned, making set up at the bin easy.

The X Series is available in two models:

  • X10 – 10” tube diameter, lengths of 63’, 73’ and 83’
  • X13 – 13” tube diameter, lengths of 74’, 84’ and 94’

These robust and reliable swing away augers are available for Australia-wide dispatch now from Westfield Augers. 

X Series Swing Away Auger

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X Series Features

The series features a range of performance enhancements, specialising in ease-of-use and serviceability, including the following:

  • Powder Coat Paint – a premium powder coat on all painted parts for durability and a great looking finish that lasts and repels rust. 
  • Grease Zerks External – grease zerks on all U-joints for ease-of-maintenance. 
  • Wear Edge TechnologyTM – Continuous 10-gauge steel is welded to the flighting edge where most of the wear occurs to extend the life of the flighting. This is standard on all Westfield augers at critical grain transfer points, including the hopper, boot and incline flight. 
  • Tapered Boot – the large boot and tapered boot flight maximize auger capacity at all angles by efficiently channeling grain from the hopper into the auger. 
  • Square Flight Connection Square – one-bolt flight connections provide improved performance through positive torque transfer. 
  • Hopper + Hopper Lift Arm – the low profile hopper features left and right hand flighting to pull grain toward the center of the hopper so it flows efficiently up into the tapered boot – maximizing capacity and minimizing unload time. The 6″ rubber extension along the edge of the hopper prevents grain from splashing. The hopper lift arm and hopper can be positioned on the left or right hand side of the auger, offering the convenience of unloading from either side.

X Series Specifications – At a Glance

Full full specifications and details, click here to download our X Series product brochure

X10 Models

Tube Diameter: 10” (25.40cm)
Tube Length: 63′ (19.20m)
Max Capacity (per hour): up to 180 tonnes

Tube Diameter: 10” (25.40cm)
Tube Length: 73’ (22.25m)
Max Capacity (per hour): up to 180 tonnes

Tube Diameter: 10” (25.40cm)
Tube Length: 83′ (25.29m)
Max Capacity (per hour): up to 180 tonnes

X13 Models

Tube Diameter: 13″ (33.02cm)
Tube Length: 74′ (22.550m)
Max Capacity (per hour): up to 300 tonnes

Tube Diameter: 13″ (33.02cm)
Tube Length: 84′ (25.60m)
Max Capacity (per hour): up to 300 tonnes

Tube Diameter: 13″ (33.02cm)
Tube Length: 94′ (28.65m)
Max Capacity (per hour): up to 300 tonnes

Roland Schmelzer, pictured with the new 84ft, high capacity, PTO, X Series auger, ready for immediate on farm delivery.

Customise your X Series swing away auger

We stock a range of accessories and options to go with the X Series including:

  • Hydraulic or Remote Power Swing Hopper
  • Hydraulic Hopper Winch
  • Working Light Kits
  • Right Angle Drive
  • Reducer-Reverser

Want to learn more about the X series of swing away augers?

For expert advice on which auger is best suited to the needs of your farm, click here to get in touch with the friendly team at Westfield Augers.