Grain Conveyors

We’re sure to have the exact conveyor for your needs, with conveyors ranging from 20 to 120 feet and capacities up to 450 tonne per hour.

Grain Conveyors

Durable design yet gentle on your grain

Grain conveyors, also referred to as grain belts or tubeveyors, are widely known to be the gentlest means of handling high value crops. By design, a grain belt conveyor minimises impact damage to grain during high capacity handling while maintaining the value of your precious commodity.

Westfield Augers (International) is the largest grain auger and conveyor manufacturer in the world and has built a reputation on reliability and support.

Backed by this trusted name, these grain conveyors offer you a long service life and high resale value. Westfield Augers (Australia) offers a large range of conveyors providing you with yet another solution for your grain handling needs.

A Westfield conveyor can be used for moving any type of conventional grain such as wheat, barley and sorghum. However, they are especially ideal for farmers and processors who grow high value crops like chick peas, lentils, fields peas and soy beans. Our grain belt conveyors are also commonly used for handling feed pellets in the compound feed industry as well as fragile bulk commodities.

While gentle on grain, they are built tough and engineered from the ground up for a long service life. Each grain belt is designed to handle a broad range of grain quality and moisture content to ensure your grain flows smoothly.

All of our grain conveyors are high capacity and our highest capacity conveyor is capable of up to 450 tonnes per hour. We have a wide range of belt widths available, up to 24 inches (61cm). In length, our range includes conveyors up to 125 feet (38 meters).

To meet the needs of any farmer, our conveyors are available as engine powered, electric and Power Take Off (PTO). We also specialise in self-propelled conveyors featuring finger tip controls for easy steering and positioning. This takes the physical load off you when setting up your grain conveyor, and means you have one less back-straining job to worry about.

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Stand out features of our grain conveyors:

Collapsible hoppers

All of our grain conveyors feature collapsible canvas hoppers as opposed to steel hoppers.

Our hoppers are also narrow in width to fit between the legs of any Australian silo.

Steel trussing

To ensure additional longevity, steel trussing rather than cables is used on our range of larger conveyors of 100 feet (30.4 meters) and up.

The steel trussing provides superior support along the conveyor tubing for rigid alignment with practically no sag under load.

Keeping everything aligned and true significantly reduces wear and increases the performance life of your conveyor.

Engineered for long-lasting performance

When you invest in a piece of equipment, you want it to last.

With so many years of experience to our name, we understand the importance of designing farming equipment that is highly durable.

The following features we’ve incorporated into our designs ensure you will have a longer lasting conveyor and ultimately provide real value for your investment.

Premium belting

To ensure our conveyors are able to operate under tough Australian conditions, we’ve designed our conveyor belts to stand the test of time.

Westfield conveyors feature premium rubber belting with nylon backing to greatly reduce tube wear and friction. Industrial quality bearings are used on each roller to always guarantee correct tension and alignment.

Superior tubing

A well-made conveyor should be as smooth internally as possible to reduce grain damage and resistance to flow. Over the years, we’ve refined our designs to include one seam along the top of the tube.

Stock availability

At Westfield Augers (Australia), we always have a wide range of inventory in stock with generally all conveyor sizes, both big and small, ready for immediate dispatch.

We have the spare parts you need, when you need them

There’s nothing more frustrating than purchasing a valuable piece of farming equipment and then being unable to source spare parts when something needs repairing or replacing.

We pride ourselves on always having a full range of spare parts in stock for all our grain conveyors. So we’ll always be here to help you get back up and running again.

This makes us the easy, one stop shop for all your conveyor needs.

Want to learn more about making your next harvest hassle-free?

For expert advice on which grain conveyor is best suited to the needs of your farm, click here to get in touch with Westfield Augers.


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